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The rise of South Indian Cinema: How Southern movies are going national

“Pushpa ante Flower anukunnava? Fireuuuu” is a dialogue every movie buff in the country knows, irrespective of the language they speak. And even if Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge pose continues to grab eyeballs, Arjun aka Pushpa Raj’s ‘Main jhukega nahi’ gesture is a new favourite. The magic of southern cinema is spreading across India, bringing in a larger share to the overall revenue of the entertainment space than ever before.

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Lights, Camera, Free Speech: An Exploration of Freedom of Expression in Indian Cinema

The concept of ‘Freedom of Speech and Expression’ is a fundamental right enshrined in the Indian Constitution, and is essential to the functioning of a democratic society. This right encompasses the freedom to express one’s thoughts, opinions, and ideas. However, when it comes to cinema in India, the issue of freedom of speech and expression has been a contentious one. Indian cinema has completed over a century of existence and played a crucial role in spreading the rich cultural, social, economic, and political heritage of the country. The film industry has the power to reach millions of people, making it a vital medium for communication and expression.

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The Power of Women Filmmakers in the Malayalam Film Industry

The Malayalam film industry, a highly popular and famous South Indian film industry, is known for its highly acclaimed movies that cater to a large audience from all sorts of backgrounds. From drama to romance, comedy to thrillers, Malayalam movies have it all. As the industry progresses, we can't help but recognize the innovation and impressive talent of the talented female directors and authors that have contributed to the success of this illustrious industry.

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